10 Interesting Book Facts

These book facts will make you surprised. If you are a person who really loves to read a book, you need to know some facts about it. A book is considered as the source of knowledge. In this modern day, a book now can be possessed both in a hard copy or even a soft copy. Reading a book in some countries is a must especially if this hobby has been embedded on the blood. Do you know that Noah Webster spent 36 years before he could write his first dictionary? For more interesting book facts, let’s see the explanation below.
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1.Les Miserables

If you read a book by Victor Hugo entitled as Les Miserables, you will find out one longest sentence. It comes with 823 words. When this man asked the opinion for his editor about this manuscript, he wrote “?”. The editor replied “!”.

Book facts: Les Miserables

2.Ernest Vincent

Ernest Vincent is an author who wrote a novel called as Gadsby in 1939. It contains 50,000 words. The interesting part of the novel lies on the absence of the ‘e’ letter in the whole thing. Can you believe it?

Book facts: Ernest Vincent

3.The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is one of the infamous novels written by Tom Sawyer. It is considered as the first published book written by using a type writer. In 1875, the author utilized a Remington.

Book facts: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

4.American people

Book seems one of the main necessities of people’s life. In a second, 57 books are sold. Equally, those books will need a shelf with the length of 78 miles to accommodate all of the books in a day.

Book facts: Kids

5.Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is a legendary book. It was inked by A. Conan Doyle. This man actually was an eye doctor. His medical practice did not give great salary. Thus, he became a writer to support the daily need. It seems that he could be one of the greatest writers all the time.

Book facts: Sherlock Holmes

6.New York Public Library

New York Public Library is one of the biggest and largest libraries in the world. It will take 80 miles if you extend all of the shelves. There are many book collections available. The favorite topics are astrology, witchcraft, drugs and Shakespeare.

Book facts: New York Public Library


Bible is a religious book for the Christian people. This book has been printed widely for about two and half billion copies. If all of the books are placed in a very long shelf, you can drive a motorcycle and hit the top speed 55 miles per hour to finish exploring the area for four months.

Book facts: Bible

8.Leo Tolstoy

War and Peace from Leo Tolstoy was a phenomenal book. It was created by the writer before the invention of copying machines and computer. His manuscript was copied by his wife for seven times by hand.

Book facts: Leo Tolstoy

9.Jonathan Swift

The ninth point of book facts is about Jonathan Swift. He is the author for the infamous Gulliver’s Travel. This novel is called as science fiction. In this book, he inked two moons were circling Mars. This man depicted the speed as well as the space of the orbit a hundred years before it was announced by the astronomers.

Book facts:Jonathan Swift

10.American book

In a day, you are served 125 new book titles sold every single day. In America, there are five million books were sold within a day.