Harry Potter fans are leaving secret messages in books around the world

  In 1997, J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” was published. The rest, as you probably know, is wizarding history. 
Now, fans of Rowling’s beloved book series are leaving notes in books in libraries and book stores for future readers to find, using the hashtag #PotterItForward. People have begun sharing pictures of the #PotterItForward notes on Twitter and Tumblr.
Take a closer look. 
   The campaign, Mashable also reports, was started by fans on Muggle Net, a popular Potter fan-site. 
Here’s another example of a #PotterItForward note. 
“Enjoy the magic,” this Twitter user wrote in her note. 
These notes might be written by muggles, but their messages are nothing short of magical. 
“I met my best friends because of Harry Potter,” this person wrote in their #PotterItForward note. 

We can only wonder what J.K. Rowling thinks about the #PotterItForward initiative, though if her past Twitter performance is any indication, we should be hearing from the author anytime now.  


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