REVIEW: Montaro Caine

Montaro Caine: A NovelMontaro Caine: A Novel by Sidney Poitier
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Spoiler alert. This review does contain spoilers so beware.

A novel of mystery that intertwines science-fiction with metaphysics penned by actor Sidney Poitier.

Montaro Caine, the CEO of Fitzer Corp. has been perplexed with the unique properties of a rare coin for decades. Twenty years prior the coin mysteriously appeared in the hands of a newborn baby and ultimately found its way to the young graduate student, Montaro Caine. The young Montaro quickly discovered the strange unearthly properties before having it removed by its unnamed benefactor.
Fast forward twenty years and follow Montaro through Europe and the Carribean in search of now two famous coins that could perhaps unlock the secrets of an alien race or destroy our ancestral one.

While the novel has colorful characters and a well written narrative I felt that this book belonged as a small chapter in a bigger story. I would have loved to jump into the future and see what it is Montaro and gang were able to do with the gifts of the coins. Or perhaps through the alien technology had at least been given a glimpse of their past and final destruction. I guess, too much mystery and not enough meat and potatoes.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher for my un-biased and honest review

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