REVIEW: ‘Finding Camlann.’ By Sean Pidgeon

Finding CamlannFinding Camlann by Sean Pidgeon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received this book from the publisher as a Goodreads first read for my un-biased review. Caution: At some point this review will contain spoilers. I rated it four stars because of the last twenty pages. Otherwise it was a nice read for three stars.

First off. Let it be known, I have always wanted to travel to England!

Author Sean Pidgeon’s style of writing is both poetic and captivating. I love the old world charm and his knack for describing the surroundings as mysterious, or antiquated. Almost as if Arthur’s bones walks the street or his mystery is real and attainable.

Reading about the networking of roads, landmarks, and towns of England made me want to pull out a map and see it for myself. I envisioned the many small paths and muddy little roads that are winding back and forth throughout the countryside. The sparse vehicles and trains moving at a snails pace without a care in the world. Giving the illusion that life in England is slower and that the infrastructure is still of a simpler time.

OKAY, stop the car! Ssscccrreeeccchhhh!!! Back to reality.

Spoiler alert: What a maddening conclusion to this book! I want to know what is in that tomb. Is it really Arthur, or some minor Welsh lord. Also: Is Hugh no more? Does Julia and Donald finally commit? Is Lucy’s hypothesis at Devil’s Barrow indirectly correct? I need answers…

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