‘The Jackal’s Share’

The Jackal's ShareThe Jackal’s Share by Christopher Morgan Jones
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Full disclosure: This is an ARC that I received for free from the publisher through the Goodreads giveaway program.

The corporate investigation firm Ikertu has been hired by the in-scrupulous, billionaire financier Darius Qazai. Ironically, not to research a potential client but to examine his own personal and seemingly flawless background history. Until Mr Qazai can prove to the world that he indeed is a businessman with an immaculate reputation, the business transaction of his lifetime is on hold. Lead Ikertu investigator, Benjamin Webster, takes us on a race for redemption from England through the Middle East and back again. As Webster delves into the mystery he is enviably pulled into a high stakes game of greed, fraud, and corporate intrigue.

Overall ‘The Jackal’s Share’ was a fast paced story that kept you focused and interested right up until the end. While the story did feel somewhat drawn out I enjoyed the authors character development and their strong and colorful personalities. I felt hate for the henchmen, sorrow for the Qazai family, and hope-laced fear for Webster.

Not knowing that ‘The Silent Oligarch’ precluded this novel I am interested to pick it up and see what other adventures Benjamin Webster was in. The Russians personal life was briefly touched upon and always with just enough description to make me wonder who he was leading up to the present. The future looks great for Mr Webster and I can foresee a lot of work down the road for the Ikertu company!

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